Tuesday, 6 October 2009


boredsome is just wat i would get these days.
my hand hurts today because of too much paper cutting with the knife during Tech(technology) lesson. sighh.... anyway
my sister says my last post was toooo dramatic as i typed and i also have to agree i laughed when i read back my last post XD
im in the library so i cant upload any pictures right now i have to wait till friday i knoe its still a long way to go. 4 more days. GOD!!! the internet here is sooo slow on facebook moreover the msn cannot sign in becos i dunno im just blogging at the moment. sighh im sighing everyday anyway ohh yeah today i walked back from skul with Liam, Ho bun's fren or should i say best mate He says tat Ho bun is China boy OOOO and from belgium in UK some where i dunno im not tat gud with UK maps.oooo and Liam went to malaysia before and saw F1 LOL. XD
weee.. the internet got faster woopy !! but i have to logoff :(
hmmm anything else ermmm nope i guess not ok then

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