Sunday, 4 October 2009

bored l my room l banana cake bored lately y becos one chat with me .............. offline punya semua
wateva lar.
ohhh yeah my room change alreadi the things.

there's a double bed as i say before
my hoodie

my wardrobe.

ohhh my food lesson i made banana cake
not very nice cos i didnt add enough butter i think.
but it looks ok. :b

long time i didnt chat with john
in such a suprise today he online
but in a short moment after talking to him he had to off
i dunno y he keep saying dear to me lol like im his dear nehh.....
today i chat with ppl who i din chat 4 a long time
like Bryan Loh,Nicolas,JiaJen,John lol now i realise its all boys XD
still got kee,wanxin,jowine,kinjo lol 4 girls 4 boys XD
ignore me i laugh a lot alone :b
haihh tomorrow is MONDAY i hate mondays have to go to skul
gudnite lor so sleepy -__-


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