Sunday, 6 September 2009



lala...yesterday mr.john online...lolz....he chat with me kinda long but then lost topic until he gave me a picture...then i give him a picture..then he start to chat chat manis sahaja..lolz..errr....then he off then i chat with also cos we got ntg to do so boring....tats yesterday

TODAY with shirley and kee..and wanxin....then mr.lee kean mun finally online then chat with him he is sick and tired dunno y cos im not his mum wish he dun get the ...u know wat CHOI dai gat lei si... then boring...ntg to do so now blogging so boring err.... then have to go and get my sport uniform .. have to walk i so lazy so 2.30 oni lar har now going to webcam with wan ...OMG....this guy...wongjunhui.....this guy is like always fan me...say u love john then y not his gf...this question he ask so many times i was like =.='' wth..lar ask so personal stuff...i know him just like few months lar wei..from friendster and msn....haihhh so i say i dunno cos i really dunno XD okay byebye....


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