Saturday, 19 September 2009


yes ....random
urghh i have ntg to do but homework all day long
so now blogging what i have in mind
my idiotic sis is getting more idiotic over the day i wanna slap here but then if i slap my mum will scold me so ..... urghhhhh!!!!! i dunno wat to do but
the person i wan .... to on dun on the person i dun wan on
wanxin so long din online din chat with her jor
now watching the CINDERELLA story so nice the movie must watch :)
nice movie if u like love stories
ohh yeah ... skul .... is ok now made a new fren call LUCY huge fan of MJ ..... blogging
errmmmm ntg much just online
eat eat eat :O i like to eat teehee. i wonder if kean mun still sees my blog so busy arhh him
sighing all day i mean me.
as the tittle is random going to post a picture :) random me! :)
one is me without specs and one with specs :)
comment this picture pls
down there the button PRESS it if u have comment or beside there the cbox :D teehee.

new pictures XD
hope u all like it take it with my phone cos i figured out how to use bluetooth on the laptop
edited in photoscape (have to download)

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