Tuesday, 29 September 2009


just watched one of the scene of a movie which RYNN & DANNY is acting in it
soooooo dam nice :)
for me lar for non-rynn or danny fan u will maybe not like it or like it i dunno
if u wanna see just type this name- Yes Sir!高校铁金刚的预告片花
in youtube.com then u can see the scene :)
u also can see in ASTRO AEC but 7/11/09 oni start to show in TV :b

Sunday, 27 September 2009


currently my favourite FOOD
Im missing these FOOD....its been a long time since I saw these FOOD
i am very wei sek ... :b

dai lok meen like this i cant eat in UK...

ohhh...i just wanna have a bowl of tat ...

ohhh i wanna!!!!!

cau hor fun!!!


claypot rice!!!
gar bou gai fan




Friday, 25 September 2009

friday update

weee....its friday fast rite.... :)

john have blog alreadi and i know who u think of when u are boring XD
john....john......finally u have blog :)
gud gud....oh yeah...errmmm....maria didnt go to skul cos shes ill
errmmm...oh yeah ....ermm...so boring now ....
just blogging my way ....i like my way ....its nice....
ohh yeahh...i read this line from jane's blog : Life is too short to waste time hating anyone,so never hate others. l will be uploading a picture every week
i like it its my way ;) lol...being like kee ....like her own way XD


Saturday, 19 September 2009


yes ....random
urghh i have ntg to do but homework all day long
so now blogging what i have in mind
my idiotic sis is getting more idiotic over the day i wanna slap here but then if i slap my mum will scold me so ..... urghhhhh!!!!! i dunno wat to do but .....blog.....
the person i wan .... to on dun on the person i dun wan on
wanxin so long din online din chat with her jor
now watching the CINDERELLA story so nice the movie must watch :)
nice movie if u like love stories
ohh yeah ... skul .... is ok now made a new fren call LUCY huge fan of MJ
soo.....now ..... blogging
errmmmm ntg much just online
eat eat eat :O i like to eat teehee. i wonder if kean mun still sees my blog so busy arhh him
sighing all day i mean me.
as the tittle is random going to post a picture :) random me! :)
one is me without specs and one with specs :)
comment this picture pls
down there the button PRESS it if u have comment or beside there the cbox :D teehee.

new pictures XD
hope u all like it take it with my phone cos i figured out how to use bluetooth on the laptop
edited in photoscape (have to download)

Saturday, 12 September 2009


i my blog......i my laptop... :)

my new picture :D
my skul look

yeah...i have long time no update my blog
skul is ok lar my tutor teacher always nag nag nag
have to do homework lor.....urghhhh
err......always very lazy
ohhhh i have new frens too .....
leon, i walk with him back to home cos he walk the same road i walk ....
lucy, nice girl :)
hollie, also nice girl :)
sometimes i walk back with my sis :D
have different frens in different subject but not all different lar some lar
errmmm ok finish about skul
errr....and yes i havent write much about my personal life
my sis oh gosh making me more headache
john.....errr.....just now chat with him and also webcam :)
shirley.....lol...miss khoo ??? ahahaha saying me always very 'yok ma' =.=''
im not very 'yok ma' to be honest
kean mun.....errr....he arhhh okok la but less chat with him alreadi cos ntg to say
wanxin....lol...thx for ur ucapan....my thoughts and urs r the same ...XD
thx 4 the pictures too :) send u some pictures wen u online
kee.......lala.....dont tell anyone arhh our secret and also to andriana :)
getting more photo comments :D pls comment more XD
 comments for my photos
ok enough anot??? ...cos i got ntg to write ....teehee. :D


Sunday, 6 September 2009



lala...yesterday mr.john online...lolz....he chat with me kinda long but then lost topic until he gave me a picture...then i give him a picture..then he start to chat chat lala....so manis sahaja..lolz..errr....then he off then i chat with shirley....webcam also cos we got ntg to do so boring....tats yesterday


today...chat with shirley and kee..and wanxin....then mr.lee kean mun finally online then chat with him he is sick and tired dunno y cos im not his mum wish he dun get the ...u know wat CHOI dai gat lei si... then boring...ntg to do so now blogging so boring err.... then have to go and get my sport uniform .. have to walk i so lazy so 2.30 oni lar har now going to webcam with wan ...OMG....this guy...wongjunhui.....this guy is like always fan me...say u love john then y not his gf...this question he ask so many times i was like =.='' wth..lar ask so personal stuff...i know him just like few months lar wei..from friendster and msn....haihhh so i say i dunno cos i really dunno XD okay byebye....

Friday, 4 September 2009

┇two days in london┇

wee....got ntg to do so post many pictures from last tuesday and wednesday

the tickets for two days in london have to take the london uderground its like a train underground

cover of the map





map again

map and more

map inside

outside of the natural history museum


dino skeleton

my sis and my mum

dino skelton





and again


again oh look got a guys head


and again but got two dinosaur

two dinosaur move one ....but fake de

T-rex and my sis and me


again T-rex


dino eggs



t-rex head i think

optical illution
wat u can see ???i can see a dog

again...i can see two human and a vase
can see???

face look closer and longer it will become like the picture down there

lizard NOT ALIVE and the egg

niether snake or a lizard

frog skelton

crocodile so long

big whale

big whale and my sis and my dad beside there

dunno wat is this but very small wan just this one zoom in



wow...vampire....sumthing the dingy say


mosse skelton

the horns




the hornn


so cute!!!




dunno wat is this lar

fishyy up in the celing


dolphin....and fish

fish again


the tag...or sumthing


more shell

and more


errr...dunno wat is this

pearls of the mediterian


heart cockle

and more

errr...pearls i guess

venus comb



neckles made from shells


errr...dunno wat is this

star fish very rare wan

star fish

colourful star fish


Pansy shell

coral i think

pigment colours

butterfly and others

in the house


mandarin duck





and again

parts of the bird


and again eggs



aries my star sign

the earth no la the escalator

RIP the clock really works

then we go to china town and then go to sook hann cece's house to sleep
the next day we went to the wax museum/madame tussauds

the madame tussauds the book cost £5.00


back of it

tropy so shiny


madonna i think

me and miley cyrus

miley cyrus
got zac efron also but din take the picture

indiana jones i think

james bond

er...one of the guy in the show

thinker bell

the sign ohh and a guy...

david beckam

princess diana

knight in shing armor XD

the queen

micheal jackson

britney and amy winehouse

ant and dec and me and sis

simon kowel

ant and dec

a girl

the path to the exit
then go to china town again and go and buy indian curry take away wan
then go home...=)
weee.......finish alreadi lar
wish u enjoy it XD