Sunday, 19 July 2009


my sis bout this hair straightener
60 sec to heat up and ready to use
about £15.00 i think
straighted my hair
yesterday used it
nice~~but then after i wake up it goes back like last time i think i didnt do it long enough but oh well
met a old fren in facebook
law hao lin
he say he dont reconize me haha~~ of cos lar he is my KBSR 1 fren lar long time ago i last time din wear specs wan mah then now i wear hehe~~

last day in ASMS.

grabbed sum pictures~~from bebo

ppl asking for signatures

micheal jakson~~not lar its tom kirk


james n aron simon kowel XD

pink faries

sweet couple ♥

charlie /chezz

josh as mr mckinnen

118 guys
Tom miller n Jorden rush

Kirk as MJ close up

behind the scene
Lewis ,Chezz,Nazim


Tom Kemp and girls

Group picture
Tom alexbaster,james,kemp,jemma,oli,lauren,sam fairless,conor galvin,elenor,rachel

me n helen
me horrible~~

matthew n lauren

kemp and conor

sophie n rachel

vicky and elenor

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