Saturday, 11 July 2009

my new house!

my new house
quite smaller then the old one but oh well its alright to live in
boo ~~ have to share room with my older sis
my sis firstly say she wan to sleep then she scared then she finally sleep alone
here are some pictures
i oni upload pictures from upstairs havent upload down stairs

mum n dad's room

the telvision and the wordrobe

then the bed

my room n my sis's room ==''

on the right is my bed
its neater then my sis

the door which lead to the stairs

the racks i just use the bottom one
haha i use so less space but the highest one i jus use for the book racks

my room and my sis's

the front of my mum n dad's room
oh look a hair dryer so old wan but still in good condition and also a mirror
wondering wats tat yellow plastic bag its a rubbish bin except its not a bin

the stairs

stairs again

my younger sis's room

her 8pou doi
haha she hangs on the wall

her stuff
hannah montana CD
lelong lelong
haha jus joking

her room

the front of her room
sorry for lame photographing

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