Tuesday, 28 July 2009

got new laptop

yeah !!
got new laptop
got laptop wan yeahh!!!
can webcam conversation with frens in msn !!
cost £488
worth it worth it ...
happyday ^^yesterday

Sunday, 26 July 2009

║Happy Birthday║

to my sis
to my SIS
cant post it tomorrow cos cannot online so today i post it today
going to china town tomorrow buy lots of stuff

Friday, 24 July 2009


computer yesterday broke down
so old the computer haih....
all the edited picture i was going to upload today haizz....
so we r going to buy a new laptop
yes ! yes ! but still im going to buy my own personal laptop in months time i think
but gud thing the stuff can be restore my dad say yesterday
haha my sis is going to be in guiltyness as i say
anyway but we dont know wen we buy but of cos i will download msn lar and yahoo maybe and photoscape and picasa
maybe we go to PC world to buy or maybe argos
waaa my sis birthday coming next monday going to buy cake i think or maybe not i like eating cake last time i can eat about 5 times a year but now can oni eat 3 times the most
but mum got bake butter cake so nice but it doesnt count cos its homemade

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

┇in town┇

yesterday went to town with dad,mum,sis
saw tom m firstly in the charity shop
then in thing-me-bobs
then in roys
i was like wth
but he just act like din see me
hahaha XD funny
then yesterday
saw shannon and hannah in town
i also dunno which one is more evil haih.....
nvm lah
stupid sister say me lame cos i tell s n h tat i go to library oni
my stupid sis like to lie to be popular haih.....
saw jess and anna in library with their fren ryan
like saw him before sum where but oh well

Sunday, 19 July 2009


my sis bout this hair straightener
60 sec to heat up and ready to use
about £15.00 i think
straighted my hair
yesterday used it
nice~~but then after i wake up it goes back like last time i think i didnt do it long enough but oh well
met a old fren in facebook
law hao lin
he say he dont reconize me haha~~ of cos lar he is my KBSR 1 fren lar long time ago i last time din wear specs wan mah then now i wear hehe~~

last day in ASMS.

grabbed sum pictures~~from bebo

ppl asking for signatures

micheal jakson~~not lar its tom kirk


james n aron simon kowel XD

pink faries

sweet couple ♥

charlie /chezz

josh as mr mckinnen

118 guys
Tom miller n Jorden rush

Kirk as MJ close up

behind the scene
Lewis ,Chezz,Nazim


Tom Kemp and girls

Group picture
Tom alexbaster,james,kemp,jemma,oli,lauren,sam fairless,conor galvin,elenor,rachel

me n helen
me horrible~~

matthew n lauren

kemp and conor

sophie n rachel

vicky and elenor

Friday, 17 July 2009

last day of middle skul in asms

asms means all saints middle skul
took sum pictures ....
going to curi sum photos in facebook or bebo
hehe but now haven't lar
now oni i took the pictures my own self

front of my signed T-shirt
lots of ppl signed it

back of my signed T-shirt

earings i wore on the last day in asms
shiny cos i added effect
front of my fancy dress i wore today
as a country girl
the human from sound of music

back of it ...
my mum made it...hehe~~

girl with a lollipop
stupid art work =='' based on Krystal Loh's brain

based on SoniaTerk Stern
they both r married by the way
based on Robert Delaunay

my art works i have to do for year 8's

lip gloss helen bought for me as a farewell present
has vanilla smell ^^
maria she say she buy but then she didnt lar so i didnt give her my present to her
muahah im so evil
ppl cry orhh today..can't believe its the last day
ryan is so dam hilarious he dress up as a GIRL aka Stacy
i was like wth
gud thing i break up with jor him long time ago
if not my face will be so dam red lah wei
anyway today was fun, tried day 4 us year 8's
there r guys dressed up as girls so funny XD
my one so dam boring lar
sum din dress up as anything just ordinary cloths
got chocolate from miss cook..yeah and also from mrs baxter
oh yeah and helen her costume so funny the mustache and the eyebrown i could move...shes a detective..
tom m n jordon rush as 118 human another funny one XD
tom kemp oni a paper boy
tom kirk as micheal jackson he put on eyeliner too...
jess n emma i think its emma wateva lah they pink faries
shannon n hannah r dunno lah neon tutu n black top and also kaf
sonia as a chinese girl ohhh....
jak,connor m,sam m as GIRL they like it i dunno y
emm...oh ya katie as HSM cheer leader
matthew as joker...
cheals as baby
ellie as a phone
ashley as a ppl who race F1 i think white helmet white gloves white shirt n pants
sumone as mr mckinnen so funnyXD
in class we watch TV about global warming
went round the skul to get signatures
and in assemble we sing...songs
listen to ppl sing
sit on the floor aching in pain wen stand up
get 2certificate
ppl blabla...sobs* n end
n tat miller i want to revenge lar always playing round
fyi i didnt cry but i did in malaysia lol cos sumone started to cry then i cry
pictures edited from
have to download.

Sunday, 12 July 2009


should have posted this last week ago oh well
i was in the newspaper how great was tat
see if u cant spot me im in the front row on the right
so blur the picture but oh well
nothing to post cos nothing to say
hmm~~~lets see if i could think hmm~~ nothing just have to wait for the holidays maybe will have more to post out
oh yeah monday is saints alive going to go with daddy,mummy,sis go n see art oni oh and theres a guy has a grafiti work i wanna see
oh well we will see on monday and after saints alive going to tesco
need to buy sum stuff i like going to tesco ......


downstairs of my new house

living room
watching "snooker king"

the door leading to upstairs

the dining table,sofa,fridge,cupboard

the big screen TV and a clock hanging up on the wall

the 2nd TV
oh look a trophy its mine got it from art competition

masage chair which i sit on it wen i have aches on my shoulder

the ancient cupborad,store room,door to the stairs the poster is oni the life tree

front door,shoes

one look so many things

kitchen to the living room

kitchan quite small

my mum,the kitchen again

the toilat of one view

toilet ==''

the bath room

the dry kitchen but not really mummy just put the washing clothes here

up view of the backyard
from my room