Sunday, 7 June 2009


this started like this lee kean mun was the first human who like it started in kindergarden then wen i transfer to IIS he also follow but he is not in the same class as me but i think it was just not lucky 4 him i guess
then standard 1 he say i still remeber you ..then i was like ya i still remember you then he say he like me wth
then on standard 2 this guy kelvin he write in his notebook i love KRYSTAL with lots of hearts and tat is how i know he like me but he didnt edmit it
then on standard 3 i was goin to transfer to SK Convent this Adrian say he like me and give me a paper ring i was wth i know he is juz joking cos he dun like me punya but he actually likes me
then wen i was studying in SK Covent Edward came along cos my mum and his mum r veri gud frens and i go to his house of cos i always see edward lah cos i always go to his house
then he invite me to go to the fun fair in IIS so i meet this Adrian again he was like talking to me like he still like me but after tat fair i didnt see him again
Then i dont know y the hell i like Edward I think its juz feelings
then few years without guys like me my cousin's fren say he like me and he really did but he didnt ask me out lah so we r frens oni
then i came to UK and the complication starts
There was a guy John he say he like me from standard 2 or 3 cos we study in the same tuition and i saw him in a last time art competition when i study in SKC i was so shock lah he say he like me
then scarlett told me tat kelvin still like me cos in his purse he got my picture
then allan ask me out but i say no cos i dont like him
then this ryan suddenly ask me out in French class i say yes but in a month i dump him cos i cant stand the embaressment wen i was with him in skul but inside he is really a great guy
then this john he say he will wait 4 me wen i come back to malaysia i think he would lah
then my gud fren Yuki go n tell Edward i like him but then he dont trust
then today i heard tat i m edward's gf wth i am so blur wen this girl tell me i m his GF
Edward didnt tell me anything
i was totally blur
i make it clear now
i had only one bf and tat is ryan and now i hate him
i am totally single 4 now

this thingy.I am very blur
this girl Geraldine
she say "r u edward's gf ?" i was like veri blur
then she say tat i am his gf i was like wth r u saying
wth wth i m totally not his gf
he told his whole family tat i m his gf
i think he is just using me so tat he can not have a gf i think
it happen few months ago
she like edward believe it anot many girl like edward

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