Friday, 26 June 2009

My story of him n me

It started like this.....
We were in the same class Keroppi I remember,lame name lah cos Kindergarden. The last production then I have to leave kindergarden then to (iis) ipoh international skul. This guy lee kean mun i dont know why i was pairing up with him 4 the dance. I think i only had to pair up with him cos teacher says so. So the relationship began from here. I had to dance in Ipoh parade f.y.i now is parkson same lah. Anyway this guy was like asking me where am i going to transfer to so i say lah iis. Then in iis study study lor from standard 1. haha ~~ last time my BM paper so stupid i everything also duno so i cin cai do tat time. Then don't know why i saw lee kean mun f.y.i i thought his name was lee ken mun anyway now correct alreadi oh yeah ...i saw him when i was walking back to class so i know lah he will transfer to iis.
Goodluck he was in international side n i m in KBSR side so we all different. So,a year after i was studying in iis kean mun transfer to iis after tat.Then there was one boy call farm zhong wei he was always saying kean mun n krystal sitting on the tree....wen he sees me. So defenately he is his fren lah so i was like ohh..he fancy/like me is class was near theirs so i sometimes see that zhong wei.
It was valentine's day i dont knoe why he gave me chocolates and tat was obvious tat he fancy me he didnt say much when he gave me the chocolates.Then there was a time i was having break haha guess wat he do he say `i still remember you` i was tieing 2 pony tails which i didnt often tie i dont know why he say tat but still.funny
Oh .....n there was one time he ask me to talk to him but my vvv 8 frens were stalking/following me so i didnt know wat to do i was like wth r u guys doing. So he didnt say anything i think but my frens were like ohh....u broke up with him.I was totally blur tat time I think he said sumthing but i 4get i think.
The last thing i remember.It was a rainy day,family day,wen i was in KBSR2 so we have to get wet in the rain cos there was oni one stupid umbrella then i dont know why he come then he was like let me help u lah cos it was pouring in rain.Tat was wat i could remember...n nothing else....and it was the last time we met.I didnt remember much bout tat. Oh n one more...he ask my home phone number from my mum wen i was going back from a trip and he called me dont know when lah cos i have intirely bad memory 4 now.
I dont know which order they r in so read like tat lah i 4got how the order is

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