Tuesday, 30 June 2009

aditional transfer day..

haha so funny n hot
urghh!!getting hotter n hotter
i think i have to wear hot pants at home next next month
ok additional transfer
hot at the begining waiting 4 conor c n tyler d to come
we have a tour round the skul quite big they name the class in level so the student won't get lost
its build up the hill...
ooo n i get to eat doughnut yummy
then study RS =religious study
100 min study for one period
3 period a day gud..
i think i will starve in the last period if i don't eat a lot on lunch time
7 july transfer day i can't wait
ohh..today mathew trew ice cream on ryan a's back so funny XD
the year 6 were selling ice cream
50p for sprinkles
40 for plain
its like RM2.50,RM2.00
if ppl sell in malaysia wow no one will buy XD
true...true...but i didnt buy cos so long line i n my fren just watch...==
exam everyone exam
oh yeah the ross newman is such like bef
a guy with bad additude and manners
found out his name...==
ok byebye tats 4 today

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