Friday, 1 May 2009

┇trip to tate mordern┇

this trip is the first i took in UK very fun !!!ok we went on the bus it was boring but gud thing i bought my mp3 player but i dont have ipoh cos i very poor wan n i dont have a ds but i have played before so i will know how to play .ok then we went to see painting very huge for some then we had lunch then begin doing some research then we suddenly lost helen but then we found her she wants to do work so we left her there for a while while we went shopping the stuff there was dam expensive like manga book which teaches how to draw needs like 9.99 pounds i was like omg !!!!then there is one book wow that is nice but it cost 20 something pound so expensive .on the bus so boring cos my mp3 gone out of battery my mp3 very lame everyone was like playing a race like oh i need to win i need to win but then was so quite wen the game ended cos one of them with the game have no more battery on the ds .it was very fun while it lasted !

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