Saturday, 16 May 2009

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thE Rules 
1. 15 Weird Habits/Things/Hobby About Yourself .
2. People Who Get Tagged Must Write 15 Weird Habits/Things/Hobby About Themselves Too .
3. Ppl Who Got Tagged By Me/Someone Else In These Game Are Not Allowed To Copy Others Weird Habits/Things/Hobby .
4. No Tag Backs . Nononono !!
5. Tag A Least 1 People At The End , Max : 10 :)
My weird habits/things/hobby 
1. i talk to myself 
2.i laugh for no reason 
3. i go insane in drinking soup i drink many bowls 
4.i m actually veri selfish todo crosstich 
6.have frens in different country
7.hate dirty to eat everyday 
9.copy cat
10.hate to be in love but still in love 
11.quite in skul but active at home n online 
12.hate some of my relative
13.veri malas sometimes 
14.pelupa (sometimes) to mash potato n eat them 

i m tagging 
my EviL sis

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