Sunday, 10 May 2009

conversation between my sis last night

we talk in half hakka n half english 
she lost her soft toy (the dog)
It was before we went to bed my sis says 
my sis:oi ye u hide ga geh dog mau? 
me:gai mau!(smiling) 
my sis:fai did pun jon gai lah 
me:gai jin he mau hide ye geh dog
my sis:em moi hide lah
me:gai mau(smiling)again
my sis:(sobbing)yoh hoi lau wui!
me:(giggling)gai jin he mau!
i always giggle wen she is angry n she cant find her things 
my sis:oi fai did bun jon lah 
me:gai jin he mau 
my sis:ye u hide mau?
me:gai mau !
then my sis then found it under her blanket 
me:there loh,hoi geh woi,gai mau hide ye geh dog gah 
my sis:(laughing) 
she lupa where she put here dog!so stupid of here n i didnt hind her dog 

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