Thursday, 31 December 2009


he did it again..
left me without saying goodbye
it made me fell a teardrop..
It was the last conversation between him and me on 2009
It never lasted long..
It's always a short conversation
he thought he owns me and I will never let him go but no
think again
I can let you go any time I want I know my promise but you just made me do it
it hurts my heart to be like that and I know it hurts yours too
If you wanna let go
please tell me
don't keep in your heart
if you want me to forget it and forgive you
don't do it the third time
I have faith in you =]

WOW It's been like ermm.. 3 months 3 weeks 3 days together with him ♥
I didn't know we could last that long but I'm glad we did (=
I promise that I will never let you go if you will promise me too ♥
It just all started like this =)

I was in tuition and wow.. saw this guy which is dear =D
wahaha.. then I started to like.. almost same time tuition already but he left earlier then me every time we tuition. he is always the quite one XD in the tuition it's always SILENCE no one will talk anywayXD he has this shy look on his face everytime I look at him. LOL. He always don't dare to look at me if he does he stares at me for a long time for no reason and his eyes won't blink XD LOL. to be honest the most lengzai guy in the tuition that time XD
then there was one time he was in tuition he was like so HAPPY mood LOL when he saw me. my mood in tuition is always boring sleepy LOL.
then there was one time my cikgu fetch us/my friends and I to a government art competition
Oh and then I saw him staring at me LOL.
First reaction of me is oh my god stalker shit. LOL. I was like oh my god~ oh my god~ that time XD
I didn't know him well that time. I just know his first name x) cos teacher always call his name so loud XD I listen in tuition u know XD LOL. then I left Malaysia. And one day I was online in UK then I saw his cousin online and then he add me in msn so I accept lar. no harm right moreover I know him cos it's his name.
ohhh.. then we chat chat chat.. LOL.. then he say he like me LOL. so honest right LOL. then some more say if you don't believe ask my cousin LOL. then of cos I believe lar. then we chat chat chat. He was like my best buddy in msn =D he always online when I online =D chat with him like every time I online LOL. then one day very funny call me dear lol. I was like wertdehell ?! that time XD and then one day I was in the library using the internet he was like can we be best friend then I say ok! then he ask me can we be boyfriend and girlfriend and LOL. I say yes cos I kinda like him ♥

That's how we started and I wish we won't end =]
I ♥ YOU and that will never end. I promise =]

A picture from me to DEAR!

although ;
we are FAR apart from each other,
we don't know each other very well,
we can't hear each other's voice,
we can't see each other in REAL life,
we can't hug,
we can't take picture with each other,
I can't hear ILOVEYOU from you.

I will still love you and I believe one day we will meet each other and be together like others who are together ♥
xoxo;ah belle

『#8 NEW YEAR 2010』

NEW BAG! but no new pencil box lar

wahaha.. today must be boring.. why? cos dear is not online
by the way dear take it as a joke ok.. I know my dear very serious wan.. wahaha..

LOL anothing very funny is my parents were looking at me when I was clicking the mouse so many times for nothing.. LOL actually I was playing a game in facebook. LOL I gone mad with the mouse XD click.. hahaha!!

WOOOHOOOO crazy adyy.. XD ohh my mum bought me a pen and keychain! but then I didn't take picture of the pen but I took pictures of the keychain =D

black heart but my heart is not black ;D wahaha..

going to the dentist today so no online again.. kinda busy these days have to go there go here wahaha =D

hmm... what now ohh yeah
if you ask me what comes after L is ermm.. I have to start saying
M...and so on...

in my head wahaha I'm so stupid rite wahaha..
before I go to sleep and offline let me say
I change my blog song to another one but it's Chinese so yeah..
If you hate Chinese songs stop it from loading ;D
Ohh and change my tittle stuff abit =D
maybe going to change a new layout ermm.. I don't know lar.. see first wahaha =D

being self-loving again =P

Pictures of me =D and sisters and cousin and mum=D
All my memories =]

me =D riding a white horse YES. horse

Sports day!

I got second cute?  =3

Birthday =D in kindergarden

I look so ugly XD

heees=] which is the cutest? wahaha

me =D in Shanghai
by the way the dinghy on my head is heavy ;D

CAKE!! I ♥ CAKE !!

hees=] me, cousin brothers, sisters

angpow mari.. mari.. XD

stairs of memory.. I cut cheese on the stairs last time ;D
I use the ruler to cut XD


Cameron Highlands =D

Outside the old house =D on the swingggg LOL.


LOL. me cam-whoring =D


Wednesday, 30 December 2009


weee... just a random update before I go and dream my dear.. LOL

It was raining/drizzling at the moment then..
I was in the post office [ walked there ]
then the number called so i went to the thingy where you buy stamps.
then the women [I mean human working there] starts to stare at me.
then I stare at her she was totally blur
then she say "I have no idea what are you doing."
then I gave here then wth?! look and say "I want to buy stamps"
then continue put the envelopes on the weighing scale and stuff
the women is sooooooooo damn slow while she get the stamps...
like ohh i don't know which one to pick hmm.. let's see.. lala.. (in her brain)
goddddd... I was like ohhh faster lar..I want to go home gahh (in my brain)
woohoo... then she finally finish choosing then I left of cos.. and walk walk back homeee.
when you go to the post office of cos buy stamps right.. with the letters and stuff..right..
not really nice of me to swear but I can't help it >_< pissed off... wertdefarkkkk 

wondering who's the letter for
one for QuePohLing [ birthday card ] =D
another for KeanMun Christmas/birthday present XDDD
spent £2 something.. thought it would cost more LOL.

weee.... tomorrow I'm single.. hahaha.. why? cos dear is not online for the day. He is going to thailand for the day ='( I will miss him for the day.. wahaha.. =D He is celebrating New year in thailand.. while I celebrate in UK! LOL. I'm not sure if I will SMS him anot. If he SMS me then I SMS him lor.. (I'm so fair right) LOL

yerrr... =_______________________= I don't want to go to school. To be honest I hate school very much but I like some of the subjects LOL. I hate when it's break and lunch time =____= It's so boring you know.. why? cos it's so cold outside so I just have to stay inside in the library or computer room or toilet HAHAHA! there are clubs but I didn't go la. I'm so lazy..

Why I'm happy to go to school
1) I get Design and Technology week!
2) Christmas present!
3) Homework for some nice subjects I like. =D

Why I'm not happy to go to school
1) Drama week =.=
2) PE /PJK week
3) can't online
It's the same. LOL 3 vs. 3

I'm in LOVE 
with facebook! HAHAHAHA!!!!
but I love him more then anything. heehee.
facebook connects me and my friends together and also him 

I know this post is so boring but ;DD I updated right LOL!
I'm so lazy now a days but I haven't give up on my blog yet
by the way to readers which want to vomit when you read my blog please don't ;D
It's just for letting my thoughts out. so my thought's are these =D you can try too ;D it's FUN when you always do it ;DD
and also don't hate me yeahh.. you will just get wrinkles more easily ;D

camwhore before I go =D
edited today by the way.. took the picture quite long ago heehee.


lalala.. I just webcam with WONGJIAJEN

I like this one XDDD He looks like u wanna mess with me LOOK
but almost close his eyes adyy LOL.

this is a normal one XD but his webcam makes a little scratch there.

wee... dear going to Thailand tomorrow~~
I'm staying at home~~~
going to post some letters today~~ means going to town... so means no online...
you wanna chat with me.. online now or I offline adyy..
If I appear OFFLINE it means OFFLINE
If I appear ONLINE so yay! for you. you can chat with me if you wan to
not being perasaan or anything.
currently sakit perut.. =.=''
lame short post =________________=
wait for tomorrow's lameeee post

bye readers ;D


Tuesday, 29 December 2009


A present for Chritsmas =D
Have to share lar the chocolates XD

heee. the flavours =D

Different sizes =D

In my colour combination =D
I'm so colour coordinated XD *perassan lagi*

NOOOO one more unlucky thing is Valentine is 14thFeb and CNY is 15thFeb
WTH~ never mind never mind 14th is SUNDAY! while 15th is MONDAY so maybe it's alright then..
LOL just worry for nothing. The same old me.


NO MOOD today.
why? cos every things not right..
Homework yeahh I will do it cos I just have one..
after blogging and farmville and 高校鐵金剛 okay... 
farmville SKIP lar.. tomorrow oni lar..

heee.. maggie laksa+egg
I make one!

When I'm angry I will eat XP The more I angry the faster I get fat. HAHAHAHA!!
42 kg already =_____=  LOL diet? nehh... 55kg oni lar.. ahahahhaha!!
My smarty cap on know.. cos I offed it quite a long time so it's now to on it back.. LOL..
before I go I wanna talk about yesterday. but pictures no edit cos I'm too lazy to do so much thing..

before going out =D cam whored

In the car =D went to braintree had Burger King!and shopping and got a SMS! then back home!

at home =D cam whored before we went to tesco!

Me promoting my bag! LOL

got it about a year already.
present from my uncle and aunt =D

new school bag did I mention
and new school shoes but I didn't take a picture of my new school shoes HAHAHA!!
I don't know why..

I have to wash my school trainers because they are all muddy from Autumn TERM haihh..
ohh did I mention I hurt my feet cos I bang it on the door. =.='' that was so damn STUPID.. now it hurts haihh.. my toes hurts.. =[ not a very good idea to do..


heeee. hmmm... what about today..
ohh yeahh.. I bet my dear also forgot 7th September 2009 is a what day.
heee. That's the day he ask me sure anot? sure anot? heee.
I never forget it but I bet he forget jor lor heeee. never mind..


promoting my bag LOL!!

heee =D

somebody asked me "what do you want to be when you grow up?"
I answered "photographer"
heee =D just random

my dear is not online today =(
check my phone no message.
check my facebook no comment
check my msn list offline.

Monday, 28 December 2009


eiii.. I'm so jealous of couples
they get to hug and take pictures together and .. u know what..
but I'm alright with him. =]
another thing is errr.. I don't know..
I forget jor..
oh yeah! LOL I hear some of you readers must be saying me so yuk mah when you read my blog!
hees=] I'm like that dun like dun see lor.. wahaha..
Bored today without him.
we chat for awhile then he had to off so heee. BORING
going to braintree and going to take pictures of cos!! tomorrow let you see!!
heeee kinda hyper. why? cos I'm blogging that's why.
I'm almost jealous of everything.. =.='' nvm that
ohh well byee now
going to SMS my dear later wen I'm in the car boring out of me ;DD

Sunday, 27 December 2009


Today I'm going to show you readers which you never had seen before..
My reaction while eating a sour orange which was wasn't cos just because I ate chocolates before orange.
It wasn't sour [ i think ] HAHA.. >_< everyone ate chocolates so no one new if the orange was sour anot.

me, happily eating the orange..


I was laughing when I first saw this picture and I am still laughing HAHAHA!!

My dear little sister took the pictures by webcam  I didn't know until she show me =.=''
and continue.. but not sour face.. =P


learned it from a TV show =DD called erm SILENCE i think

just random =D

ILU! =P although you don't see this I still post it =P
you just hurt my heart when u don't see my blog and you don't know that so now I say it to you!
okayy.. there are more pictures ;DD but post it up next time.. haha..

just a random picture and I LOVE IT XDD
I like the pose and the edit XD

Just for special readers ;D I am not online today cos I am going to braintree to SHOP! until evening I think
so I think will not online anymore. IMY! =P
I'm getting retarded =PPP

To shirley: you wan to die isit put such a retarded face on your blog!!!! which is my retarded FACE. LOL

just for fun ::
LOVE this one TOO!

Just edited new pictures when I was going to steamboat ;D
eyes kinda cacat  >___<


collage at last!
byebye readers.