Thursday, 19 October 2017

Paint with me!

I recently rediscovered my love for watercolour painting again so I decided to get out my pencil and started sketching and painting what I saw out of my window and a plus point I manage to film it in a chill cool vibe. I might make this to a series, with much dedication, motivation and support! I'm still a bit rusty but I feel a joy inside myself that I am able to create something so cute and pretty in my little velvet sketchbook that often gets neglected. There is something oh so calm about spreading water and paint to create something visual. I hope to motivate myself to create more in the future. I tend to have a really bad habit of neglecting things even if I may have enjoyed doing it.

Painting again has helped me stay calm and add a different mix to the usual email sending days. No one really tells you the effects of after graduation, the scary interviews involved in process of a job, the fun but daunting internships you'll be faced before heading somewhere with a salary. Of course, everyone's experiences are different. Maybe I might blog my experience in the future!

I'm not very good at recording and editing but I hope you enjoyed this fun little video + post! Let me know if you have any other things that you would like to watch me paint, any comment would be highly appreciated!! Until next time.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

COLOURPOP Super Shock Shadows

Hello!! I'm finally back on the blogging bandwagon after a year of procrastinating and I've figured to put my graphic design skills to use, find inspiration and start blogging again. I want to make my posts much more fun and creative to break away from my creative block. I really enjoy playing around my images and layout much more and I hope you enjoy these new posts. I am no beauty blogger but I'm just recommending products that I personally enjoy using and has worked for me.  

My first post back is my cult favourite eyeshadows. I've been using these eyeshadows non-stop for about a month or two and have already hit pan on one of the shades. I never hit pan on any of my makeup and seeing it makes me happy to know that I am getting good use out of these eyeshadows. 

Colourpop is without a doubt one of the hyped up makeup brand within the beauty community online. I was curious to find out why they are so popular and I wasn't disappointed when I started using their eyeshadows and it has been my cult favourite eyeshadows since. 

I really loved imjennim's super shock shadows collaboration collection but the line ended before I got the chance to order them so here are my alternative shadows that I've chosen to put together. I really love the combination and it's just perfect for everyday wear. They have absolutely no fallout and apply really easily, buttery and pigmented. 

My favourite shade out of all of the bunch. This eyeshadow was from the Kathleen Lights collection. It's an easy transition shade or I would use it on my eyelids on its own. The warm tone really compliments my skin tone and I just love it! I find that it works best applied using my fingers. I've already hit pan on it and I'm on the hunt for an alternative before I run out. 

#LALA - ultra metallic
Lala is a beautiful rose gold shade. I use this on my lids and normally applied using my fingers. The colour is really pretty and compliments my warm skin tone very well.  

#MITTENS - matte
I use mittens as a crease shade and it blends very well. Just a lovely warm toned brown. This matte brown shade creates the perfect definition for my eyes and it's very natural.

#DRIFT - pearlized
If I want a pop of colour on those odd days I'll put drift on my outer v of my eyes and blend it out with a blending brush. The pop of red on my eyes makes the look more fun and playful. 

If you have the money, I definitely recommend in investing in them and give them a go! I bought my eyeshadows straight from the colourpop website when they were offering $4.99 international shipping plus $5 off when purchased over $20 using a coupon code. I bought 4 eyeshadows and one liquid lipstick in Bumble and the total of my package was $25.99. I did have to pay for customs (£11.86) when my package arrived in the UK and I think this is expected so be aware! They are so worth it and unlike most of the eyeshadows that I've own. Super high quality and worth every penny. 

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Goals for 2017

I didn't write any goals last year so I thought I'd write a few for this year.

1. Graduate from your degree. 
This one is a easy one, I'm more than a third way there. Hopefully, towards the end of the year I'd be graduating from my degree that I've worked hard on. 

2. Try to get a design job. 
This is a stepping stone towards my adult life and one I really hope I am going to achieve. Wherever I am going to be moving to, I hope I will do well. 

3. Start minimalism/tidying. 
Next year, I aim to have a clear out of my clothes and my personal items. I really need to get rid of lots of paper and arts & crafts that I've been hoarding over the years. I've recently cleared out a bunch of my makeup, so hopefully more shall be gone soon. I really want to have minimal essentials because I feel that it makes me less cluttered. 

4. Be organised.
Starting a planner and using my phone effectively. Hopefully, I will be more organised than I am before. It's a progress and I definitely feel that I am improving on my organising skills. 

5. Photograph more of life. 
This year, I really want to take this opportunity to document everything in my life. Apart from documenting it, I want to publish it and showcase it. No point of taking memories and not sharing them right? Next year, I'm hoping to share more on my social media.

Here are my five very simple goals! What are yours? I hope you've enjoyed reading.

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★

Tuesday, 6 December 2016


Feeling very much inspired to write about minimalism today. Recently, I watch a video by Zoey Arielle. She talks about her approach to minimalism and what she stopped buying in her video. I have been leaning on the minimalism lifestyle recently and starting to change my lifestyle approach.

I have a confession, I used to be a shopaholic, no shame, we all have been there. I used to go shopping as an escape and occasionally still do. I love hoarding things that I can get hold of during those 'sale' season because I was afraid to miss out on saving my money. But I understand that there will always be a sale season and you will never miss out.

After my breakup, I was lost on what made me happy and shopping made me happy but looking at my bank account, it's time to stop my bad habit and buy things that I only need. I've been changing on how I look at shopping. Buying things no longer fill the gap of joy because there is only so much I can buy and use.

I still have that slight obsession with shoes, and I am slowly buying shoes that I only need after throwing the ones that I don't need anymore. I've slowly stopped buying any more stuff that looks pretty or a good 'deal'. I'm trying to stop zombie buying. I still have this slight habit but hopefully, I will start to get rid of stuff that I don't need when I next move out after university. I no longer want to hoard as much stuff as I have right now. Sometimes when I look around my room, there are just far too much stuff in my house.

For clothes, I am very proud of myself that I have stopped buying clothes because I just have far too much for my own good. My mum used to buy my clothes and sometimes I used to just nod and agree to buying pieces that I will never wear but thinking in my mind, I might find an occasion to wear it? I am now only buying clothes that I like and clothes that will work together with my other pieces. I have changed into a simplistic style and matching accessories with them to bring my outfit to pop rather than getting that yellow top that I hate oh so much and hide it under my cupboard. Clearing out my wardrobe has also helped. Getting rid of those pieces that I have never touched in a long long time which means I know what I have in my wardrobe.

I have makeup from years ago that I bought but never using them because the shade don't compliment me or I don't like how it feels on my skin but always thinking I might use it next time. I am now starting to use up products that I bought and use them regularly as a routine rather than keeping them on my makeup shelf. Binning stuff regularly is also another option I turn to, to minimize my collection. For the makeup that is untouched, I would donate them to charity, put them up to depop or facebook for sale.

Buy things you only need and not want.

Impulse buying, avoid that.

Splurge on things you need.

Slowly but surely I will get there.

Thank you for reading.

❤ (。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★