Sunday, 27 January 2019

Malta 2018

I haven't been on a holiday since my second year of uni so, after a year of job hunting shenanigans since I graduated from university, I decided it was time to take a break. A proper break away from everything seems very appealing to me after saving for internships and work experiences. I was indeed burnt out. Overall, Malta seems relatively cheap, I reckon I spent around £400 at the most on the trip including flights, accommodation, food and souvenirs.

I went on 3rd November till 8th November with my cute little carry on suitcase and trusty Kanken backpack. Thankfully the weather was lovely and sunny throughout our trip so I manage to wear my dress. However, I regret not bringing my red bikini or any shorts because the Blue Lagoon was absolutely beautiful to swim/dip in. I didn't end up swimming but dipping my feet in the cold water was good enough for me, I just had to roll up my black trousers.

We stayed in an Airbnb near Saint Julian's which was made the journey around the island pretty easy cause it's pretty much the middle point of Malta. We took a taxi for €20 straight to the Airbnb once we landed since we had a pretty late flight which was reasonable as it took us only 15mins to reach our Airbnb. Remember to always pay in the kiosk before hopping into a taxi, you can refer this website for more taxi fares.

The next day we bought a bus travel card for €21 each which was our main transport throughout Malta and used Google Maps to guide us around as we had roaming on our phones. You can purchase these travel cards from any convenience store or any main bus ticket desk. It made us travel with ease. However, some of the buses are slightly late so I'd suggest planning a bit more early than usual.

We planned a pretty rough but packed itinerary which pretty much covered most of Malta. We missed the Popeye village, Blue Grotto and Dingli Cliffs but I'm sure I'll get another chance to visit again. It was really fun exploring the island with my friend. Below is our itinerary and I also added places that we've eaten at.

5 Day Malta Itinerary

Day 1- Saint Julian's, Sliema, Valletta

Cafe Ole, Saint Julian's

Häagen-Dazs, Valletta

Eddie's Cafe, Valletta, Malta

Shoreditch Bar and Kitchen, Saint Julian's

Day 2- Isla, Birgu(Vittoriosa), Marsaxlokk

Cafe Riche, Birgu - Local Hobz biz-zejt, Maltese platter.

Cafe Jubilee, St Julians - Local Rabbit, Lampuki Pie (Fish)

Day two, we got a bit more adventurous and tried a few local cuisines. Highly recommend these two places to try local food and the price is pretty reasonable.

Day 3- Gozo, Dwejra Bay

Pastizzi, Cirkewwa Ferry

It-tokk, Gozo

Kuya Asian Pub, Saint Julian's

I picked up a pea pastizzi at Cirkewwa Ferry as a snack for 80¢. It was pretty much like a chicken slice but instead, it's stuffed with peas. There wasn't that much filling but I'm sure there are other places that do them better.

Day 4- Comino, Blue Lagoon, Mdina, Rabat

Trattoria AD 1530, Mdina

Peperoncino, Saint Julian's

Peperoncino was probably the food highlight of our trip. It was quite expensive but it's a pretty good splurge on our last day. I had the fish of the day which was a super fresh sea bass, whilst my friend had the clam pasta and he loves it. Don't miss it, it's so worth the price you pay for! The service was really lovely as well.

Day 5- Valletta

Pasta Pizza Doc, Valetta

Dolci Peccali, Valetta

Most of the trip, we just ate breakfast at our Airbnb before heading out as most of the bus rides were an hour or two long to travel different parts of Malta.

My lovely friend Ming Chun organised most of the trip and I can't thank him enough. It's a happy memory that I will remember for a long time.